Getting ready

I love seeing all of the students getting ready for the competition. Seeing how things come together and the kids really focus in on their specific dance. Adding in their own variations on moves or wanting to perfect their look of sophistication. It all comes down to next week. Weather we win the overall or not, I know we are going to represent our school pride and self respect to everyone and that is what makes me proud.
I have always loved teaching at Poe Classical and am always excited for the school year to start. Seeing my students come away proud of themselves and each other will be something that they and I will never forget. I am so thankful to be a part of this program every year.

May I have this dance.......Again?

As I settle into my third year as a DWC instructor, I must say one of the biggest perks is having the opportunity to return to a school the following year. It's always bitter sweet at the end of session, when we say goodbye to students and parents after the big dance event. However returning to a school the following year, is always exciting. Most of the time I get a new group of bright eyed students, who have heard all of the fun stories about last year and are super excited, and somewhat nervous. I love seeing the classes from previous years in the hall...

"Hey Miss Brandi!"
"Are you teaching again Miss Brandi?"
"I taught my mom the Salsa Miss Brandi!"
"Can I come down to the dance room with your new class Miss Brandi?!!"

It's very exciting : )

Just last Wednesday I had the pleasure of returning to, Libby Elementary School. Because they have a YMCA sponsored after school program that participates in, DWC, I walked into the class room pleasantly surprised to see my little angles from last year, already partnered and practicing!! I peeked in through the window, so I could observe without being spotted, until I hear, "It's Miss Brandi!" Suddenly I was bum rushed by a group of happy dancing kids ready to learn the new Meringue, and very happy to see me. The feeling was mutual and the class was one for the books.....or the blogs : )