Getting ready

I love seeing all of the students getting ready for the competition. Seeing how things come together and the kids really focus in on their specific dance. Adding in their own variations on moves or wanting to perfect their look of sophistication. It all comes down to next week. Weather we win the overall or not, I know we are going to represent our school pride and self respect to everyone and that is what makes me proud.
I have always loved teaching at Poe Classical and am always excited for the school year to start. Seeing my students come away proud of themselves and each other will be something that they and I will never forget. I am so thankful to be a part of this program every year.


  1. Watching students perfect their "look" is definitely a fun thing to see. It's this part where individual personality and self-expression come out. I'm excited for Thursday too!

  2. It's especially exciting when these young dancers show you their "specialty move". Having the confidence to explore movement while looking within to find what makes them unique is an amazing skill.