Amazed By My Student

I was visiting a school after the big Dance Off and the students were still so excited by the experience. Amidst the pizza, games, and line dancing, I had a chance to chat with Alexis. 

Alexis was one of the most committed people on the team.  We as educators always come across students that challenge us to be even better instructors.  In one rehearsal, Alexis finished and came to me saying, “Miss D., I can do this, it isn’t too hard for me. I might just need more time.”  She worked extra hard and competed beautifully in the competition.

Alexis & Fernando dancing
 I forgot to mention that Alexis uses a wheelchair.  She is neither confined or defined by it’s use but sails beyond it. I wasn’t surprised when she came up to me during the pizza party, but what she said floored me. 

“Before this program, most people thought I only went home and watched TV, that I couldn’t do anything. But this [program] has really opened me up as a person. They can see how much more I can do.”

Dancing with Class is a program designed to increase self confidence but in this group of students, they truly rallied together as a team. To see how joyous they were in supporting each other at the event and the camaraderie even a week later was amazing.  It's amazing to see students astound themselves. Sometimes it just takes time and a little dancing.

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