An Interview with Manny

This week is the week of the Final Dance Off.  With practice, dress rehearsals and maintaing nerves for the BIG competition,  I decided to take one of my superstar students aside for a quick interview on how he was feeling.  

Colleen: "So Manny, how are you feeling about the BIG competition tomorrow?"

Manny: "Im not nervous, Im really excited to compete!"

Colleen: "What dance are you competing in?"

Manny: "Im dancing Salsa.  I love the Salsa because it's really fun.  It's very upbeat and has a lot of energy......It's way better than the slower dances.   I dont like slow dances."

(I smile thinking how many Men I have met who feel the same way.)

Colleen: "What are you looking forward to in the competition?"

Manny: "Well, in all the years I have been dancing, I really like all the teamwork it takes, and of course the trophies!"

Colleen: "All your years dancing?....... How long have you been in Dancing with Class?"

Manny: "Two years..... Each year I come back because I love learning all the new dances and dance steps"

Colleen: "Wonderful!  So all in all, what is your favorite part about dancing?"

Manny: "Its super fun!  I really enjoy dancing with other people.  Its way better than dancing alone.  I dont know why people do things alone, because having other people makes thing so much more fun!"

I can't help but to think that Manny is a very wise young man.  He nailed such a mature concept with such simplicity.   No matter how big or small our joys are in life, it is much more meaningful to experience them with other people than to keep them to ourselves.  How much joy is there in a raise at work, or a fun new recipe,  or a big shiny Dance Trophy if you can not share it with the people you like?   So 'cheers' to being surrounded by your teammates, family, friends, and other passionate people.......When shared with others, even the smallest of triumphs can become worthwhile experiences and the more substantial of them can linger as lifelong memories. Thank you Manny for making your enjoyment a lifelong memory for your classmates.  

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