VDay= A Celebration of Love

It is Valentine's week, a celebration of love! I love to dance and will celebrate by blogging about it.

I do not recall when my love for dancing came about. I like to think that I have been moved by music since before I could walk. I also believe my passion for it to be unexplainable. I hear music and my feet, head, shoulders or all of the above begin to move before I even realize what is happening. I believe that everyone is a dancer but some just never get the opportunity to be introduced to it.

That is the beauty of this program and the reason as to why I am such a huge advocate for it. We give children who might not have the opportunity to take a dance class the gift of dance, that first step, the introduction!

My main goal in teaching is to share my passion and love for dance not just the steps and technique.  I encourage children to add their own personality so they are able to speak with their own words and not so much mine.

With all this said, I love the bittersweet feeling I get on the last day we meet. This is when I see kids who at first were hesitant about dancing bursting with excitement about their competion, the shy kids erupting with confidence, and everyone helping each other be the best they can be and encouraging one another.

I have always believed dance to be magical. It has magical powers that may heal not only the physical body but the mind and the soul as well. This program is a beautiful demostration of the magic in dance!

Happy Valentine's Day!!! <3

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