Mom can you find me music

Friday February 8, 2013

I recently had a parent come up to me after class and tell me how much her son enjoyed the class.  She told me how he began to teach her how to the dances so that he could practice at home as well.  The only problem was now her son wanted to dance to different songs.  I quickly rattled off some of my favorite artists but what stuck with me was how animated she was about her child's excitement.

 Early on in the class session I ask the students what they believe dancing with class means.  Some answers are: "dancing with our classmates", "dancing with manners", "dancing with our heads up".  The answer is a mix of all of these things.  I stress how dancing can be done as a team.  We can dance together and in many of the dances that we learn are done in social settings.  So I was thoroughly excited to hear that the dance had been something this student had shared with his mother.  Needing more dance music is a good problem.

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  1. Yes! When we give young people social dance skills, they are able to take this gift of dance and share it with others. When it comes to social dance, there are no boundaries on the who, where, when, and how!