My favorite classroom moment so far

This is my first year teaching the Dancing With Class core program, and thankfully I have an amazing school with a wonderful teacher to help me along.  The kids are just fabulous, too, and they make me laugh every week.  Before they leave class, I ask them each to tell me one thing they learned about the dance I taught.  It could be the movement, the history, the country of origin - anything.  Last week when I was having the gentlemen escort their partner out the door, I asked them what they learned about the swing dance we just learned.  The first gentleman I asked looked at me with wide eyes so I knew he had nothing in mind. He then suddenly smiled, looked at his partner, and said, "Ladies first."  I couldn't help but laugh because I had been stressing proper manners and it came right back at me!

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  1. LOL - sounds like a very quick-witted young gentleman ;-)