What the students have to say

Today on my 6th week of class, I asked the students to talk to me a little about their experience.  I know they are extremely excited about the upcoming competition, so I have no trouble getting them to concentrate on each dance I've taught. They are flying through all 4 of the core program dances, and they are always asking for more.  It is just such a moving experience for me.  In class today I asked them to tell me what they've learned so far.  Their answers were:
Swing is a joyful dance
Waltz and tango are serious dances
You always ask a lady to dance
and my two favorites:
Show off your diamonds (ladies styling)
Check out the ladies in the room (men's styling)  Too funny!

I also asked them the hardest part of dancing.  They all said remembering the steps, remembering their posture, and what foot to start each pattern with.  Very valid comments, I thought.

The last question I asked was what makes a good dancer.  They agreed remembering the steps, listening to their teacher, being determined, and being optimistic were all ingredients to a good dancer.

I could not agree more!

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