Progress Report

November 5, 2012

Today after I finished teaching class, I had just finished packing up when I felt a hand stop me.  Hailey, one of my students, said "Ms. D today was so much fun".  I just expressed that I was glad she had a good time.  She went on to say  "I think that in the beginning of class there was this weird thing.... but now we've all kind of come together and it's really a lot of fun.  Today was so much fun."

Exposing these young ladies and gentlemen to a new experience is priceless.  To see their sense of camaraderie develop and expand is an amazing byproduct of the Dancing With Class program.
Definitely pinning this progress report to the fridge.

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  1. More proof of the therapeutic benefits of dance. It's a great way to get rid of all those "weird things"!